What We Do

American Nursery Services works closely with our customers to develop a customized merchandising plan that will meet their standards and expectations. We also implement monitoring tools to assist our customers in meeting their goals.

Services Provided:

Planning -

  • Strategic planning & developing critical success factors for the merchandising program
  • Training – support and materials
  • Creating measurement and monitoring systems to track success & improvement opportunities
  • Designing and maintaining one “look” across multiple stores

Logistics -

  • A single point of contact for each store
  • Coordination of communication between vendors and stores
  • Overseeing vendor shipments for correct varieties by market
  • Monitoring and controlling inventory levels for shrubs, trees, roses, groundcover, and perennials
  • Hiring and managing all personnel needed for the merchandising program
  • Performing any additional services deemed necessary by the customer

Product Display -

  • Constructing displays, end-caps and plant tables
  • Integrity of displays – ensuring product is properly displayed and staged according to the store plan
  • Quality-control for products – screening new product upon arrival; culling, condensing, facing, rotating, and properly arranging the plant material while on display
  • Working with our customers to implement and maintain the signage program
  • Placing orders for store replenishment
  • Coordinating table sets, resets and exit strategies

Benefits of Partnering with American Nursery Services -

  • Reduction of markdowns
  • Improving the flow of product through the stores
  • Providing a consistent look from store to store
  • Increasing the number of turns in all product categories
  • Successfully implementing promotional programs at store level
  • Offering 20 years nursery experience in the Northwest and Rockies areas
  • Reduction of shrink at the store level
  • Bringing the store’s vendors together as one team working for the benefit of the store

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